In the Flow

Have not forgotten about this old stick note blog; just been busy with life in general.

Aside this, looked at the new pictures of the Xbox One, PS4; it is old news, yet relevant to the topic. I feel that gaming in general is heading in a direction that those who are accustom to a physical game copy will soon have to consider shopping for game point cards, downloadable codes, and promotions to be able to play good games and not just eye candy.

Miss those games where they actually put you to think (not taking about puzzles), where the plot engage you with the character, took you to worlds far beyond the imagination could see and gave you hours of fun entertainment (even if the actual game was short when finished). Those type of games still exist, but as a digital download, feels rather obscure when it comes to the Wii eShop of games you don’t recognize. I do feel that developers will focus more on arcade type games to drain the quarters we carry in our pockets, fun factor is still in place, just may become a type of subscription-based platform.

In your opinion, how do you see the Game Industry, to where it’s shifting, and what can change the way we play games?

Social media is a grand contender to this bon fire!

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More than a year since last post!

Wow, have the years fly when you stop posting and begin to allocate your words on other material. From joining in the Coup de Grace of MegaMan Legends (Dash) to investing my time on studies, and acquiring knowledge on APA format (a pain to do; although, it gives credit to source & author of the article).

Thinking on adding a “Your Thoughts!” section, and “Rocket ship of ideas & opinions!” to spice up the mood.

Hope to keep this blog active.


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Re-reading the old

Cat readin book

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Have you been in a situation where there’s a problem you want to resolve but are limited in actions? Right now I am in that place. The irony is I am able to update the blog; anyhow here’s the latest.

While in my leisure, there was a video that intrigue my attention in Yahoo’s Who Knew?, some know that people who would like to be citizens of the U.S. must take this exam; it was fun finding out information about the exam and what it would ask to those taking it previously. You learn something new every day.

People who consume Chinese food on a regular basis (or from time to time) here is an article for your interest from Yahoo Health; the list just shows frozen foods from the grocery store, but still important. The breakdown consists of foods with high portions of sodium and alternative foods with better balance. It’s necessary to maintain a well-balance meal, or you could have acid reflex.

From, there was this post regarding colors and their meaning in people; for example red could have a meaning of passion and rage. For the other colors I would recommend heading to the link as my memory can’t serve me at the moment.

When looking at the Financially Fit videos, this one caught my attention because of the suggestions; how to start a business under $20,000 dollars is the message, I would even like to do that sometime in the future. The tutorial gives out indications on what to do to keep your business active.

To me, keeping a medium weight is necessary with exercise and balance food plan, when I looked at this Spice article, I still question if the spices listed do help you lose weight while enjoying your food. One mention is cinnamon; good in small portions, but limit how much you consume for your health.

Ever had an item you no longer need or wish to get rid-off, the Recycle bin is always a good solution for items like paper, plastic, and glass. But the article talks about items that are not as easy to dissolve or recycle like a battery or compose of different garbage and such.

Now this article is for people interested in cooking an apple pie in Eating well; when baking, you must select the type of apple you want to stuff your pie with. It is very important to pay attention to the characteristics of the apple, as the features variate from one another and taste too.

This video could speak for itself, a person made a very awesome playout of Star Wars orinal trilogy (episode 4-6) in paper. Very charismatic and could add ingenuise imagination work; see it to understand!

Among all the interesting videos I’ve seen, the Super Mario Piano Deluxe Song would be on the top; there is this pianoist playing some of the most memoriable tunes in Mario’s video game career history. Check it out to see the skills.

Hope to post more (need to do game review), and until next time!


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A Lost Child in Games

Dora Game

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It’s been a long time since the last update of any news, reviews, or micellaneous around the house; but what I found may blow your mind away.

To start the roller coaster up, we’ll take a trip down memory lane at Gamespot drama blog with Subyman, as he takes on Older Games. To summarize the whole speeach, I shall use user ‘hotdiddykong’ comment on this:

“Here’s my opinion on why that statement is true:
1.two company’s are hooked on 3-4 types of games this era, if a game is colorful newer players will consider it childish
Back then nobody cared about anything except if the games are fun, NOW its being judged by a bunch of things, but its all about nostalgia that tries to bring old stuff back again and by that I mean Nintendo and sega”.


And to that I have to agree; some people have underappreciated the true value a game may have just because it is colorful, they only follow the sheep herd to more realistic gaming. The bad thing right now (at least in my eyes) realistic gaming used to be popular from 2005 to 2009, now gaming companies don’t know what to pull out of their hats so it could ‘sell’ (which is sad).

To add more insult in the industry, there’s a rumor going around with the Call of Duty series and it is ugly like no other (like shooting yourself in the foot). From Gamespot, there’s a video posted on Youtube by a user from 360junkies Forums; in there, he illustrates what may be the next step in Activision line of printing “a required membership to play Call of Duty” (aside from Live membership). Creators and such have posted that: “No, you will not have to ‘Pay to Play’#CODBlackOps Multiplayer either. Rumor -> Squashed,” But without any suggestion of this being offiline or online, this rumor may be poping around the wallet corner.

Now to relief the bad taste from these dissapointments here come more dissapointments from Gametrailers in video form. As they countdown what dissapointed in form of gameplay, misleading characters, hype, and deathstar online; the only exception here is there are some good games given the “you didn’t do it right” face, but in all my opinion of game #9 should have been higher on the list around 7 or 6.

AND NOW for the real treat (not kidding); while exploring the vast land of the safari (net), I’ve found something interesting (sometimes only found in Nico Nico Videos). The first of the discoveries is a game called Megaman 7 (Rockman 7 in Japan), nothing new for you then how about giving it the flip to 8 bit, now that is something. So here is a video from a man named Clementj426 from Youtube playing the game and the link to play the game yourself from Indie Games Blog.

For the last here is two sites with a pint of greatness first up is fan-made version of Megaman X with the famous Vocaloid character Hatsune Miku as X for you to play around from Hobby blog; there is only one warning, it is in Japanese. The second is no brainer the blog site to Indie Games which includes games one can try out here.

And a little easter egg for those who like Dragon Ball Z, here is an OAV (original animation video) based-off the video game released in Japan; the only downside (or upside) it’s in Japanese but with subtitles for one to read. 

I thought the computer didn’t save the hard work of me writing this (luckily it did!); and so I’ll go and sort out the crap that the net has given me.


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Time For Clean-up

It’s been a while since I’ve visited the site; is because I’ve been trying to eliminate some spm that has been surfacing inside one of my emails (it’s crazy!!! 10 per day and can’t do snitzel!), and been having issues with some of my technology (USB half-died, other wireless computer not working, and hard drive on it’s lasts days) so on.

But do not fear, after I recover from this events new information shall be brought.

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Cooking Up A New Formula

Cooking Mama

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OK, for the news that was too big to hold on the other post along with other mick-mags (still looking for a job position) P_P; ok time to kick it a notch and finish work that hasn’t been touch for months (and I emphasize that!). 

 First is a look back at some classic games that everyone pretty much like and it only existed in the arcade “Alien VS Predator”. Sega decided to take a trip down memory lane to look at the gem stone from the older days made by Capcom; similar to the Final Fight game, you take on a human, predator, or other to battle the fearocious aliens and beast from beyond. This was a good game, but Sega couldn’t replicated the fun it had. 

 Second is more memorial than those articles of cashing games. A 32 year-old man explains his reason why he still play mario games at his age; he tells of what creative ideas each title offers over the next, what each game offers as a reward for playing them and waits for more greatness from a company that knows its plumbing business. To read the whole article, link below. 

 Third caught me off suprise (kind of) as Nintendo and Game Freak anounce that later this year, they shall be releasing the fifth generation of Pokemon (we are going beyond the gods). Not much is revealed yet on how its going to be (only two pokemon confirm at, but the suspense awaits us in this next installment. 

 Forth reminds us of why we should not mess with Sashquash. A fellow 2 Chan follower post the most unforgiving (and not forgetable) moments that have happen in Anime Japan. The list is so long that makes one think “wait, this really happen?” as for most of us don’t live in the coast of Japan. Warning, various terms can be called not appropiate to read (I think).

 Fifth takes a turn on GoNintendo world; you know how Capcom released that VS game a while ago for the Wii, well they have the inside scoop with an inside review of the game for those interested.

 Sixth sits on the option of the term “rebuy”; how the term affects on rebuying games you already own on the XBOX 360. Not many users approve of this idea on re-puchase titles one owns just to add into the virtual game room of your avatar.

 Seventh is a question a one fellow blogger at Kotaku wonders; he witness the appearance of the Metal Gear Arcade Unit at one of the Game Expo’s with a vast release date soon. Now there is nothing of such available at the arcades rendering the question “When will they release them?” Full article below.

 Eight is a little how to in the input connection. Have you ever wanted to play one of your arcade-ported games in an arcade, but the controllers don’t do the configuration setting; not to worry as the little tutorial on the page below explains how to do that.

 Ninth is an insider look at the CES technology starting Project Natal. There is a rumor the team who created the camera moting-sensing technology gave a sneak peak to Nintendo first before selling their gadget to Microsoft. The reactions are told in the article below.

 Tenth shows a brief history of how the term “Tablets” became, and why now is more defining that before. The explanation is given by the team at CNET.

Not the most pleasant job I’ve done for the blog, but I shall see if anything comes up in Rockman EXE news.


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Recovery Complete

Ok, had weeks to recover and I’m ready to post online again; next post will probably be within a day or two.

Dang these forums, teasing me about how good a game is knowing I have it, yet haven’t played it.

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